1. To strengthen the university’s corporate image and identity in line with UiTM’s Corporate Image Manual;
  2. To provide efficient and quality event management and creative media services and focussing on the clients;
  3. To form good relations with the media fraternity and the community at large;
  4. To provide advisory and consultative services to heads of departments (HOD) on event management, protocols and creative media at university level;
  5. To document the university’s major activities and publish relevant materials as products of the university;
  6. To deliver and disseminate university-related information to the university populace and the community at large;
  7. To ensure efficient and effective management of grievances from clients.


The Corporate Communication Unit

We are committed to:

  1. To handle and act on clients’complaints in line with the planning and objectives of CCD UiTM Perak Branch by collecting the feedback forms from the suggestion boxes;
  2. To inform the Management Representative of any complaint for follow-up actions to rectify the situation;
  3. To carry out research and analyse feedbacks of clients of UiTM Perak Branch;
  4. To handle and coordinate Client Management Meetings;
  5. To supervise and monitor formal events of UiTM Perak Branch by reviewing the Itinerary, Welcoming Speech, Programme Book, Text Messages, Banners, Buntings, Backdrops as well as handle decisions on programme dates, and invitation letters to Guests of Honour External Guests;
  6. To impliment applicable policies in order to portray and maintain the corporate image of UiTM Perak Branch at all times by monitoring and ensuring the use of designated signages, letterheads and colours;
  7. To plan and coordinate the CCD’s publication and uphold the corporate image of UiTM Perak Branch by implementing the stipulated policies;
  8. To build a good rapport with the community at large through promotional/publicity programmes and CCD’s activities, to form good relations with the electronic and publishing media fraternity, as well as organizing and maintaining UiTM Perak Branch’s Website.

* Should there be any complaints from clients on any of the services that we provide whatsoever, we are committed to rectify the issues immediately and effectively.