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Islamic studies were first introduced at the university (formerly launch as RIDA Training-Institute Teknologi MARA and later declared a university on August 26, 1999) in 1975 under the Islamic Education Unit. In 1977, Islamic Civilization course was first introduced as a prerequisite course for all programs at the university. The unit is secured to a school, known as the Islamic Education Center on 1 April 1983 with more than 40 courses of Islamic studies were offered in addition to courses of Islamic civilization.

On January 13, 2004, the Islamic Education Center was declared by Vice Chancellor as Centre for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU) under the supervision of a director (at present Rector), assisted by two Deputy Directors (currently the Deputy Rector) were accounted for in terms of academic and non-academic. CITU is a combination of Islamic Education Academic Centre (Academic Affairs) and the Islamic Advisory Centre for Non-Academic (Islamic Affairs) in which all Islamic activities of universities arranged by the Islamic Center of the university. Up to February 28, 2013, the name of Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU) has been changed to the Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS).