• Cuti anggota.
  • Penyediaan laporan penilaian kerja tahunan
  • Penyediaan laporan kehadiran “thumbprint” / Tuntutan Lebih Masa anggota.
  • Pengurusan salahlaku anggota.
  • Pengurusan mesyuarat.
  • Pengurusan Fail &Rekod
  • Pengurusan kekemasan pejabat
  • Mengendali taklimat keselamatan
  • Pengendalian tuntutan anggota.



DSP/PB Marzuki Ab Rashid Deputy Chief Security Officer 2100
Mohd Sharill Reza Rosli Security Asistant Officer 2102
Fax Number   2612
Meeting Room   2447
SJN/PB Mohamad Fauzi Man Security Asistant 2113
KPL/PB M. Hamil Mohamed Yusof Senior Security Guard 2311
LKPL/PB Muhammad Amir Al Hafiz Mior Shafie Security 2073
KPL/PB Razman Ramli Highest Security Guard 2311
SJN/PB Mohamad Fauzi Man Security Asistant 2113
LKPL/PB Ahmad Faizal Mat Yusof Security 2311
KONST/PB Maziah Muji Security 2311
KONST/PB Norfajillah Junit Security 2311
KPL/PB Razman Ramli Highest Security Guard 2311
LKPL/PB Aminoor azam    
KONST/PB Ismail Mohamad Yusop    
KONST/PB Abdul Rahman Mohamad    
KPL/PB Abdul Khiard Yahaya
Highest Senior Security Guard 2130
KPL/PB Azami Hashim Senior Security Guard 2130  
KPL/PB Zainal Hanif Senior Security Guard 2130  
KPL/PB Meor Sharifuddin Badri Shah Senior Security Guard 2130  
LKPL/PBW Rohana Ahmad Latif Senior Security Guard 2130  
KONST/PB Dazrul Khairy Zual hasnan   2130  
KONST/PB Irwan Ishak   2130 
KONST/PB Munshi Mohamat Tar    2130 
LKPL/PB Khar Noordin Abd Razat Senior Security Guard 2130 
KONST/PB Mohamad Kamarul Zaman B Khairudin   2130 
LKPL/PB Mazlan Khalil   2130 
KONST/PB Mohd Fadzil Jalali   2130 
LKPL/PB Muhd Gazali Mat Jiddin Senior Security Guard 2130 
KONST/PB Muhammad Farres Radzuan   2130 
KONST/PB Mohd Rozzaimi Din Yati   2130 
KONST/PB Mohd Yusry Norhan   2130 
KONST/PBW Nur Rozi Ahmad   2130 
KONST/PB Sharudin Shaari Senior Security Guard 2130 
PK Muhamad Firdhaus Jaafar   2130 
PK Mohd Shahrin Hafizal Jamin   2130 
PK Mohd Faizal Abd Rani   2130 
PK Noor Fitri Abdul Razi   2130 
PK Azmi Jinuman   2130 
KPL/PB Azahar Ahmad Mior Zainuddin Senior Security Guard 05-3219007
PKK Ahmad Suhaimi Ahmad Senior Security Guard 05-3219007 
LKPL/PB Haswandy Hassan   05-3219007 
LKPL/PB Umar Mahmud   05-3219007



  • To implement systematic and continuous security control.
  • To enforce laws and regulations responsibly and proactively against the community of the university.
  • To provide efficient and effective security management services.
  • To manage the auxiliary police to become a professional organization with integrity and accountability.


We are committed that we will strive to provide the highest quality of security service by ensuring that the clients will receive friendly, efficient and effective assistance.

Services Offered

Duration of Processing

1. Campus security control

24 hours daily

2. Security patrols at the Check Points 

3 times per shift

3. Control of traffic and parking

During office hours

4. V.I.P escorts in campus

When needed

5. Preparing reports of internal investigations

7 days after complaints

6. Preparing and putting up mobile signage

A day before the event

7. Initial assistance to the scene in the event of emergency situations on campus

15 minutes

Counter Service


Summon Payment process

5 minutes

Processing the application for Vehicle Stickers

2 minutes

Processing the application for Temporary Student Card

5 minutes

Receiving and Processing Safety Report

5 minutes

Processing and issuing Visitor Passes

1 minute

Processing the application for Security Pass

3 days