Faculty of Computer And Mathematical Sciences

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These programmes are presented through its three academic centres: Computer Science, Statistics, and Quantitative Methods. The aim of these programs is to provide the students a general background in the specialization areas of the departments and to equip them with tools of computer and mathematical sciences in preparation for their professional life as well as career to meet the rapidly changing demands of modern society.

In keeping with the university’s mission, the faculty is committed to providing high quality programme of study and making FSKM the number one faculty in producing knowledgeable and competent graduates in order to fullfill the aspirations of the nation's development.

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Organizational Chart

Faculty of Computer And Mathematical Sciences
1 Dr. Suraya Masrom Head Of Faculty
2 Dr. Mohamad Imran Mohamed Ariff Faculty Coordinator
Diploma In Computer Science (CS110)
Degree In Science Computer (CS230)
Diploma In Actuarial Science
3 Cik Anisah Abdul Rahman Faculty Coordinator
Diploma In Statistic (CS111)
Degree In Science Mathematic (CS143)
4 Cik Rozaimah Zainal Abidin Program Coordinator
Diploma In Statistic (CS111)

Vision, Mision & Objective



Diploma Programmes :

  • Diploma in Computer Science - CS110
  • Diploma in Statistics - CS111
  • Diploma in Actuarial Science - CS112
  • Diploma in Mathematical Sciences - CS143

Bachelor Programmes :

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) - CS230