Student Affairs Units


UiTM Seri Iskandar Health Unit has been providing medical and health services to all its staff and students. The Health Unit is led by a Medical Officer who is assisted by paramedics and support staff.

Telephone : 05- 3742079           Fax: 05-3742157



The Sports Unit serves its role to  coordinate planning and implementing sports activities for the students and university staff. Its establishment aims to create and maintain the physical fitness of students. In addition, this unit builds character and strong personality among its undergraduates. Through its various programmes including sports and recreational activities, it hopes to achieve its target of involving a total of 80% of university community  in sporting activities.

The Sports Centre is also responsible for improving the image of the university through outstanding achievement in sports events. The emphasis on 8 core sports as highlighted by Sports Development Division under Ministry of Youth and Sports has become the main agenda in University Sports Development Programme.

  • To implement sports as one of the co-curricular elective subjects.
  • To encourage active participation in sports and fitness activities among the campus community
  • To bridge the relationship between the campus and off-campus communities
  • To generate financial resources for UiTM
  • To provide conducive infrastructure and quality services to the university community.
  • To develop human resource.
  • To improve UiTM image through sports achievement and as a center of excellence for Bumiputras.

Services provided :

  • Sports and recreational facilities for students, staff and other external departments
  • Sports and recreational equipments for UiTM students and staff
  • Event management
  • Sports Training Course

Telephone : 05- 3742072          


The main purpose of this unit is to provide counseling services and career development programmes  to produce graduates who are competent, competitive and meet the current needs of the industries. 


  • To provide the best counseling services to all students who need assistance to live a prosperous life.
  • To improve students’ skills in career and help them to secure jobs after graduation. 

Telephone : 05- 3742106  



  • Offer compulsory extra-curricular programmes for three semesters to all UiTM full-time students.
  • Offer advance extra-curricular programmes through uniform bodies such as KESATRIA, PALAPES, SUKSIS and SISPA.
  • Empower and strengthen the implementation of existing curriculum courses as well as increasing the number of curriculum courses according to current needs
  • Reinforce and manage students’ registration database, courses evaluation and performance analysis

Telephone : 05- 3742454           


This unit serves as a center of cultural activities for UiTM students including extra cocurriculum. It helps students to develop new talent, strengthen friendship through art and culture, supports policy and assists government efforts in exploring art. By making music as an attraction for students, this unit helps musicians to produce quality and thus, developing better competitive artistic individual.

Telephone : 05- 3742196 


College Management Unit was established to coordinate the placement of students and provide food allowance for needy students in residential colleges. This unit  cordinates new policy decisions related to student placement in all residential colleges in UiTM Perak.


  • To provide comprehensive services and facilities and create perfect learning environment and a comfortable, cheerful and secure living environment.
  • To encourage students to be independent to cope with the challenging environment from time to time.
  • To promote the use of IT in line with the current changes in national policy.

List of Colleges under College Management Unit

  • Cempaka Sari College

Telephone : 05- 3742087    

  • Indera Mulia College

Telephone : 05- 3742131

  • Indera Sakti College

Telephone : 05- 3742830

  • Pasir Salak College

Telephone : 05- 3742082

  • Seri Manjung College 

Telephone : 05- 3742482

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