To establish FSPU as a premier faculty of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence capable of providing leadership to Bumiputera’s dynamic involvement in the field of Built Environment of world-class standards in order to produce globally competitive graduates of sound ethnic standing.       


To enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputera in the field of Built Environment through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics.


  1. To increase the percentage of graduating students with CGPA 3.50 to 10%.
  2. To ensure at least 85% of full-time students graduated within the stipulated period.
  3. To increase the percentage of academician with doctoral qualification to 60% and professional to 40% by 2020.
  4. To ensure the faculty attain research grants of RM 1 million per year.
  5. To ensure the academic staff participation in the field of writing and publication scholarly/creative work at an average rate of one per academic staff every year.

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