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Deputy Rector of Research, Industrial Linkages, Community & Alumni Network

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Department of Research, Industrial Linkages, Community & Alumni Networking (PJIM&A) was established in 2010 and led by a Deputy Rector. PJIM&A performs three main functions in which each function is led by the Coordinator.

Research Management Unit (RMU) is responsible for research, publication, consultation and innovation matters. Furthermore, the Industry, Community and Alumni Network (ICAN) function for the affairs of university network with industry, community and alumni. While the Entrepreneurship Unit plays a role in the affairs of campus entrepreneurs.

Originally PJIM&A is to establish and launch research-related activities. In the early stages of PJIM&A is better known as the Research Management Unit responsible for promoting and coordinating research applications and monitoring research status. Through the process of transformation and restructuring, the scope and role of PJIM&A have been expended.