There are eight departments in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Surveying (FSPU) UiTM Perak namely:

  1. Department of Town & Regional Planning
  2. Department of Quantity Surveying
  3. Department of Estate Management
  4. Department of Building
  5. Department of Interior Design
  6. Department of Landscape Architecture
  7. Department of Building Surveying
  8. Department of Architecture

The faculty offers programmes from the Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and also PhD. The programmes offered are:

  1. Diploma
    1. Diploma in Town and Regional Planning (AP111)
    2. Diploma in Quantity Surveying (AP114)
    3. Diploma in Estate Management (AP115)
    4. Diploma in Building (AP116)
    5. Diploma in Interior Design (AP117)
    6. Diploma in Landscape Architecture (AP148)

Diploma in Building Surveying (AP119)

    1. AP211
    2. AP224
    3. AP225
    4. AP229
    5. AP213
    6. AP256
      1. The aim of this bachelor's degree programme is to nurture innovative and reponsible progrssional technologists in fulfilling the country's aspiration of becoming leaders in construction sector at regional and global level.
      2. This programme covers two (2) methods of construction:
        1. conventional method of construction
        2. modern method of construction (Industrialised Building System) covering pre-fabrication, mechanisation, automation, robotic, reproduction.
      3. Each method focusses on two (2) main aspects that are the theoretical part and also contemporary technology applciation.
      4. The entry requirements for:
        1. UiTM Graduates:
          1. CGPA 2.75 & MUET Band 2 - Diploma in Building, any FSPU Diploma programmes, Diploma in Engineering
          2. CGPA 2.30 & MUET Band 2 - Diploma in Building, any FSPU Diploma programmes, Diploma in Engineering with one (1) year work experience in the construction industry
          3. CGPA 2.00 & MUET Band 2 - Diploma in Building, any FSPU Diploma programmes, Diploma in Engineering with three (3) years work experience in the construction industry
        2. Diploma graduates from the Government of Malaysia Recognised IPT
        3. UiTM Foundation Studies/UM Foundation Studies in Science/KPM Matriculation Graduates
        4. STPM/equivalentholders
      5. Modes and Duration of Studies
        1. Level and Mode of Studies - Bachelor's Degree - MQF Level 6. Full time
        2. Programme starting session - 1st session 2017/2018 (September 2017)
        3. Duraiton of Studies - Three and a half years (3 1/2) years / 7 semesters (including 1 semester Industrial Attachment)
        4. Teaching and Learning methods - Lecture, Studio, Lab and Fieldworks
      6. Courses offered:
        1. building construction technology
        2. structural design
        3. IBS components design
        4. manufacturing technology (robotics)
        5. innovation project
        6. modular coordination and standardization
        7. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
        8. building services technology
        9. advanced construction materials
        10. forensics engineering
        11. environmental green studies
        12. environmental technology
        13. building measurement and estimating
        14. professional ethics and integrity in construction
    Master of Business Administration (EMBA) - AA701
    Master of Science in Green Architecture (Mixed-mode Programme) - AP763 (PDF 1PDF 2)


    Doctorol of Business Administartion (DBA) - AA901
    PhD in Design and Built Environment (Mixed-mode Programme) - AP992