Management of The Rector's Office

  • Appointment of Academic Administrators
  • Management of Rector's Circulars
  • Rental Facility Applications

General Administration

  • Utility Payments
  • Salary Affairs of Temporary Staff
  • Processing Overtime Payments of Staff
  • Main Conference Seretariat
  • General Files and Records
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Appointment of SKP And Practical
  • Preparation of Budget for the Management of Administrative Office  and Fixtures of the Rector's Office
  • Quality Movement of Administrative Office
  • Annual Report of Administrative Office

 Mail Management

  • Mail/ inbox
  • Outgoing Mail SERVICE ( Mail/ Parcel)
  • Express Mail ( Pos laju)
  • Management of Franking Machine

 Customer Service Management

  • Telephonist
  • Management of Customers Feedback
  • Service Caunters

  Records And Achives Management

  • Management of Records
  • Management of Archives

 Convocation Management

  • Management Of Protocol
  • Management Of Invited Guests
  • Management Of Graduates

  Vehicle Management

  • Purchase Of New Vehicles
  • Transportation Management Required By Staff And Students
  • Registration of New Vehicles
  • Monitoring The Log Book
  • Managing Insurance, Road Tax And Vehicle Permit
  • Maintaining Record of Overtime Work of Drivers
  • Allowance Travel Guides
  • Keeping Record of Fuel Consumption
  • Managing Toll fees (The Touch & Go)
  • Ensuring  Maintenance And Safety of Vehicles


  • Recruitment Of Academic Staff
  • Recruitment Of Academic ( Staff Contract )
  • Recruitment Of Academic Staf PTFT
  • Recruitment Of Administration Staff (Permanent )
  • Recruitment Of Administration Staff (Contract)
  • Contract Resumption (Academic And Administration)
  • Resignation (Academic And Administration)
  • Implementation Of Disciplinary Action
  • Tranfer Of Academic Staff
  • Tranfer Of Administration Staff
  • Letter Of Ackowledgement