Head of Audit System
Sr. Dr. Kartina Alauddin

Tel    : 05-374 2886 | Fax :  05-374 2451
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1.To lead and manage the internal auditors effectively.
2.To supervise all the internal auditors during auditing.
3.To hold meetings with the auditors.
4.To represent the audit groups in meetings with auditors.
5.To ensure the management of administrative/programmes/projects consistent with theVision, Mission, Policy, Objective and Procedure of UiTM Perak Branch.
6.To ensurethe management of administrative/programmes/projects in accordance with the government proceduresthat have been adopted by UiTM.
7.To discuss the findings of the audits with the group members and submit the findings and reports to the management of UiTMPerak Branch within one month from the deadline of the audits.
8.To ensure the auditing is done in accordance with the audit scopes which have been determined by the management of UiTM Perak Branch.
9.To have specialised audit for UiTM Perak Branch administrative management system in identifying causes of vulnerability and non-compliance with government directives,Government and UiTM Circulars including the decisions made in UiTM Perak Branch Internal Meetings.