To become a leading reference centre and a catalyst to the accounting profession


    Teaching and Learning

    "To nurture and produce competent professional accountants capable of making positive contributions over their life time to the profession as well as to their stakeholders. The education and experience that we provide should lend a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, professionalism and ethical values that would enable our graduates to learn and adapt to changes in their professional lives“

    Research and Consultancy

    "To add value to our core activities, enrich our skills and expand our professional profiles by embracing research as part of our work culture"


    1. To produce knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates as well as versatile in facing the challenges of accounting in the current globalization and accepted by all the general public while not marginalizing the nature of patriotic, grateful and devoutly.
    2. Provide expert services in the field of accounting to the community



    Faculty of Accountancy (FP), is one of the earliest faculties at UiTM which has journeyed through more than 50 years and matured into a faculty that managed to make its presence felt through the academic programmes that we offered, encompassing postgraduate, professional and undergraduate programmes, our research and consultancy activities, and our academic alliances with local and overseas universities as well as professional bodies.

    Faculty’s aspiration, Expanding Horizon: Archway to Academic Excellence reflects our tenacity to continuously strive towards being relevant to the accountancy profession in Malaysia and also internationally. Thus, for more information please refer to the Faculty of Accountancy websites.

    FP first existed in UiTM Perak Branch since 1991 in Manjong, Perak. Then, it moved to UiTM Seri Iskandar and now at UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus since 2014. FP UiTM Perak Branch offers two programmes, Diploma in Accountancy (AC110) and Diploma in Accounting Information System (AC120).

    At the department level, the Head of the programme is considered as the Head of Department and supported by the Programme Coordinator, PJI&MA Coordinator, HEP Coordinator as well as all the Faculty of Accountancy academic staff.

    The department also has initiated a portfolio for each of the academic staff, which is related to academic matters as well as student affairs. Some of the portfolios are:

    • Research and Development
    • Curriculum Review
    • Seminar and Guest Lectures
    • Library
    • Student Advisor
    • Thesis and Final Study
    • Examination
    • Research and Consultancy
    • Industrial Linkages etc.


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