To become a recognized faculty in the field of science and technology through quality teaching and learning, research, and community service.


    To contribute excellence to the country through quality teaching and learning, research, and community service and be known internationally/ globally.



    Faculty of Applied Science UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus is committed to excellence through the application of quality learning and teaching culture, research, and professional services. The components are as follows

    1. To provide efficient, accurate and friendly services to students, parents, lecturers, and prospective employers.
    2. To provide quality teaching and learning services for the improvement of knowledge.
    3. To explore and strengthen research facilities with the latest discoveries and innovations to improve the living standards and economic development of the community.
    4. To produce graduates in Science and Technology who will meet the needs of local and global employment markets.
    5. To develop a culture of knowledge among lecturers and campus residents.


    Faculty of Applied Science was established at Universiti Teknologi MARA Perak Branch Tapah Campus in May 2014. When first started in UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus, Diploma of Science (AS120) programme only consisted of 402 students from Part 2 until Part 5. Meanwhile for academic staff, they consisted of individuals from various fields such as physics, chemistry, and biology with a total of 28 lecturers. The faculty was also assisted by the science laboratory unit. There were three laboratory assistants and two assistant science officers.

    UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus was built through the Private Financing Scheme (PFI) and from that, Diploma in Science programme houses two building blocks utilized as teaching and learning facilities. These facilities include 28 lecture rooms, four (4) seminar rooms, two (2) discussion rooms and four (4) computer labs. For practical sessions involving Diploma Science programme core subjects, there are ten (10) physics laboratories, seven (7) chemical laboratories and eight (8)  biology laboratories provided.

    Starting from 2015, Faculty of Applied Science in UiTM Perak Branch Tapah Campus has grown in number with the total of academic staff increased from 62 to 64 in 2021 and for science laboratory unit, the number changed from 10 to 12 in 2021.



    Science laboratory provided services to meet the needs of customers which include all the following aspects to ensure the facilities and equipment comply to the syllabus. This is to ensure the teaching and learning run smoothly. The services are as follows:

    1. Operation for T&L laboratory (before, during and after practice)
    2. Operation for research laboratory
    3. Purchase of apparatus and chemicals
    4. Raise awareness on laboratory safety
    5. Laboratory uses reservations
    6. Apparatus/equipment borrowing
    7. Student fieldwork
    8. Industrial training


    Ts ChM Fariesha Farha Ramli |