About Us

The Academic Affairs Office of Tapah Campus is the extension of the Academic Affairs Office in Seri Iskandar Campus. Deputy Rector still plays the role as head of  academic governance including several handed down responsibilities. Mrs. Siti Nasuha Amiron, the Senior Assistant Registrar of Academic Affairs Office (Tapah) is responsible to ensure that all functions of Academic Affairs Office (Tapah) run smoothly which include basic functions such as general administration, students’ records and examinations.

Two Executive Officers, Mr. Mohd Ridzuan Khalid and Mr. Mohd Suhaimi Arbai are also
responsible to ensure the smoothness of Academic Affairs Office’s (Tapah) operation. Other support staff which include Senior Clerks are Mr. Mohammad Nazri Harun and Mrs. Khairiah Khairuddin. Clerk are Miss Faridahtul Akmar Shahar, Mr. Ahmad Syahir Abdullah and Mrs Nor Azniza Misro while Mr. Nik Mohd Hafiz Mohd Nazri and Mr. Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Esa is the Operation Assistant.

Siti Nasuha Amiron
Senior Assistant RegistrarSiti Nasuha
Tel : +605-406 7005

To provide professional services to the programmes offered by UiTM Perak Branch in order to cultivate generation of professional Bumiputera who are knowledgeable, innovative, determined, pious and competitive based on moral values and professional ethics while spearheading the development of the country.


To establish the Academic Affairs Office UiTM Perak Branch as an exemplary segment in managing and executing academic activities based on excellence to cultivate globally competitive and ethical graduates.
Organizational Chart
    1. Provide and manage information technology services effectively and efficiently.
    2. Introducing and using the latest technology in work management and learning.
    3. Creating an IT-savvy campus community.
    4. Make progress in line with UiTM's goals.
    5. To manage users using the “Managed Environment” concept.