To establish the Academic Affairs Office UiTM (Perak) as an exemplementry segment in managing and executing academic activities based on excellence to cultivate globally competitive and ethical graduates.


To provide professional services to the programs offered by UiTM (Perak) in order to cultivate generation of professional Bumiputera who are knowledgeable, innovative, determined, pious and competitive based upon moral values and professional ethics while spearheading the development of the country.


  1. To become the living pulse of UiTM (Perak) in cultivating superior, pious, committed and competitive professional graduates.
  2. To coordinate academic programs and students enrolment in alignment with the development of the campus.
  3. To provide and maintain the latest academic infrastructure, facilities and teaching and learning equipment for the excellence and academic integrity.
  4. To establish an efficient and effective academic management system to ensure academic programs run smoothly.
  5. To prepare conducive infrastructure to promote research activities and community service amongst the academic staff.


The administration of the Academic Affairs Office is led by Assoc. Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Norhayati Baharun as the Deputy Rector. She is assisted by Senior Assistant Registrar, Puan Hanem Hafizah Ismail, and Dr. Junainah Mohamad as the Coordinator of Academic Development and Management that provides value-added measures  to the Academic Affairs Office regarding the governance of autonomic process, curriculum development new program, and other related tasks. Puan Hanem Hafizah Ismail is responsible for managing the overall administrative tasks of the Academic Affairs Office. She directly oversees the general administration of Academic Affairs Office as well as the Off-Campus Unit. Her tasks include managing the student record system and the faculties. In addition, she administers the student intake process, specifically, the intake of students from the “Pra Pendidikan Tinggi – PPT” program. She is assisted by Puan Nor Faizah Hamdan as the Senior Executive Officer and the support staff. For the management of faculty and student record system, each of the departments of Built Environment Studies and Technology (Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying -FSPU) and the Faculty of Art and Design (FSSR) is provided with a Senior Executive Officer, namely, Puan Rozita Yaacob and Puan Nor Faizah Hamdan respectively. They also are involved in ensuring proper smooth management of the student record system and general administration as well as the allocation of clerks and other staff, such as Assistant Engineer and Technicians.
Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr Norhayati Baharun, AMP
DEPUTY RECTOR OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRSAssoc. Prof. Ts Dr Norhayati Baharun,
Tel : 05-374 2002


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